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3 lessons about the psychology of inflation – Yahoo Finance

If economists are right about 2024, inflation will continue to fall and we won’t even be talking about it by the end of the year.But the last three years have taught some valuable lessons about inflation that some of us never knew—and many others forgot, given that that last bout of serious pric…….

Maximise Success in the New Year with Positive Psychology Techniques – Forbes

One of the biggest keys to succeeding in your career is combating your natural negativity bias with … [+] consistent positive habits. Focus on feeding your mind with empowering messages to help unlock your full potential. rgetty
The past three-plus years have given people whiplash as the economy…….

“Harvard Psychologist Shares 9 Questions That Ensure Emotional Security – CNBC”

Emotionally secure people feel empowered, confident and safe. They live authentically and stick to their own values and beliefs, even when doing so may rub others the wrong way.As a Harvard-trained psychologist, I’ve seen how emotional security can also help people have more gratitude for the good …….